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Vive CBD Bath Bombs

Is there anything better than coming home from a hard day of work and soaking in the tub? Ladies, if you’re anything like us here at Vive CBD, you love the power of a good soak. A good soak can take your mind off a cruel world, it can make you forget the stress of the day, help heal sore joints, and also reset you for whatever comes next. So, why not take everything that is good about the bath soak and make it better? Our CBD Bath bomb not only combats life’s daily stresses and anxieties, our broad spectrum CBD formula can also help you heal the achy joints you have when you get home from work, but also put you in the perfect relaxed state, where it’s so much easier to handle screaming children, cooking dinner, and dealing with a nagging husband. There’s nothing better than a CBD Bath bomb when it come time to make time for yourself.


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