Hydro Herbal Shisha


Hydro Premium Herbal Molasses is becoming one of the most well-known Herbal Shisha products on the hookah market, providing a flavorful and exotic smoking experience. Hydro Herbal Molasses is 100% Tobacco Free, Nicotine Free, and Tar Free, offering only the finest organic herbs and flavoring available for your enjoyment. Their flavors are bold and have an herbal look to them like needled instead of leaves with a reddish hue.

The 50 gram packs that Hydro Herbal Shisha produces allow for Hookah smokers to sample and experience an assortment of Herbal Shisha flavors at an affordable price. Hydro Herbal Molasses comes in a box with a sealed package inside not meant for long term storage so make sure to store it at room temperature in an airtight container.


SunRay (Orange), Qing Rubus (Blue Raspberry), Majestic Grape, Apple Bottoms, Jamaican Mint, Maui (Pineapple Coconut), Grape Mint, Jolly Molly (Watermelon), White Yummi (Gummy Bear Mix), Seks On Fifth (Mint Chocolate)


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