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High Hemp Organic Wraps

The High Hemp Organic Wraps and filters are additive free, so you can be sure that nothing nasty, toxic, or artificial is going into your blunt. The hemp material is also environmentally friendly since it’s made from organically grown European hemp fibers. They’re also completely free of tobacco and gluten, so you know that you are only using the highest quality natural papers when you smoke with these.

  • ALL NATURAL – Made From Organically Grown European Hemp
  • NO ADDITIVES – Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Tobacco-Free
  • SMOOTH FLAVOR – Classic, Subtle Hemp Taste

FILTERS INCLUDED – 2 Blunt Wraps & 2 Filter Tips in each pack

The thing about blunts is that they practically insist on being shared. These slick wraps are also a conversation piece as others will be thrilled to know your blunt has not been rolled with something that originally held carcinogen-rich tobacco.

Want to smoke the all-natural way? Buy the High Hemp Organic Wraps now!



Regular, Maui Mango, Honey Pot Swirl, Grapeape, HydroLemonade, Blazin Cherry, Bare Berry, Pineapple Paradise, Banana Goo, Hubba Bubba, Dutch Cream, Artisanal Hemp Cones


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