FTP CBD Vape Cartridges


Local Pickup ONLY.  We cannot ship vape products as of 3-1-21.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


1000mg, 30%, Blue Cheddar, 1000mg, 30%, Orange Cookies, 1000mg, 30%, Green Cush, 1000mg, 30%, Grand Daddy Purple, 1000mg, 30%, Blue Dream, 1000mg, 30%, Pineapple Express, 1000mg, 30%, White Fire OG, 1000mg, 30%, OG Kush, 1000mg, 30%, Super Lemon Haze, 1000mg, 30%, Durban Sour, 1000mg, 30%, Strawnana, 1000mg, 30%, White Widow, 1000mg, 65%, Blue Cheddar, 1000mg, 65%, Orange Cookies, 1000mg, 65%, Green Cush, 1000mg, 65%, Grand Daddy Purple, 1000mg, 65%, Blue Dream, 1000mg, 65%, Pineapple Express, 1000mg, 65%, White Fire OG, 1000mg, 65%, OG Kush, 1000mg, 65%, Super Lemon Haze, 1000mg, 65%, Durban Sour, 1000mg, 65%, Strawnana, 1000mg, 65%, White Widow, 1000mg, 81%, Blue Cheddar, 1000mg, 81%, Orange Cookies, 1000mg, 81%, Green Cush, 1000mg, 81%, Grand Daddy Purple, 1000mg, 81%, Blue Dream, 1000mg, 81%, Pineapple Express, 1000mg, 81%, White Fire OG, 1000mg, 81%, OG Kush, 1000mg, 81%, Super Lemon Haze, 1000mg, 81%, Durban Sour, 1000mg, 81%, Strawnana, 1000mg, 81%, White Widow, 500mg, 30%, Blue Cheddar, 500mg, 30%, Orange Cookies, 500mg, 30%, Green Cush, 500mg, 30%, Grand Daddy Purple, 500mg, 30%, Blue Dream, 500mg, 30%, Pineapple Express, 500mg, 30%, White Fire OG, 500mg, 30%, OG Kush, 500mg, 30%, Super Lemon Haze, 500mg, 30%, Durban Sour, 500mg, 30%, Strawnana, 500mg, 30%, White Widow, 500mg, 65%, Blue Cheddar, 500mg, 65%, Orange Cookies, 500mg, 65%, Green Cush, 500mg, 65%, Grand Daddy Purple, 500mg, 65%, Blue Dream, 500mg, 65%, Pineapple Express, 500mg, 65%, White Fire OG, 500mg, 65%, OG Kush, 500mg, 65%, Super Lemon Haze, 500mg, 65%, Durban Sour, 500mg, 65%, Strawnana, 500mg, 65%, White Widow, 500mg, 81%, Blue Cheddar, 500mg, 81%, Orange Cookies, 500mg, 81%, Green Cush, 500mg, 81%, Grand Daddy Purple, 500mg, 81%, Blue Dream, 500mg, 81%, Pineapple Express, 500mg, 81%, White Fire OG, 500mg, 81%, OG Kush, 500mg, 81%, Super Lemon Haze, 500mg, 81%, Durban Sour, 500mg, 81%, Strawnana, 500mg, 81%, White Widow


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