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FTP CBD Vape Cartridges



These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


1000mg, 30%, Blue Cheddar, 1000mg, 30%, Orange Cookies, 1000mg, 30%, Green Cush, 1000mg, 30%, Grand Daddy Purple, 1000mg, 30%, Blue Dream, 1000mg, 30%, Pineapple Express, 1000mg, 30%, White Fire OG, 1000mg, 30%, OG Kush, 1000mg, 30%, Super Lemon Haze, 1000mg, 30%, Durban Sour, 1000mg, 30%, Strawnana, 1000mg, 30%, White Widow, 1000mg, 65%, Blue Cheddar, 1000mg, 65%, Orange Cookies, 1000mg, 65%, Green Cush, 1000mg, 65%, Grand Daddy Purple, 1000mg, 65%, Blue Dream, 1000mg, 65%, Pineapple Express, 1000mg, 65%, White Fire OG, 1000mg, 65%, OG Kush, 1000mg, 65%, Super Lemon Haze, 1000mg, 65%, Durban Sour, 1000mg, 65%, Strawnana, 1000mg, 65%, White Widow, 1000mg, 81%, Blue Cheddar, 1000mg, 81%, Orange Cookies, 1000mg, 81%, Green Cush, 1000mg, 81%, Grand Daddy Purple, 1000mg, 81%, Blue Dream, 1000mg, 81%, Pineapple Express, 1000mg, 81%, White Fire OG, 1000mg, 81%, OG Kush, 1000mg, 81%, Super Lemon Haze, 1000mg, 81%, Durban Sour, 1000mg, 81%, Strawnana, 1000mg, 81%, White Widow, 500mg, 30%, Blue Cheddar, 500mg, 30%, Orange Cookies, 500mg, 30%, Green Cush, 500mg, 30%, Grand Daddy Purple, 500mg, 30%, Blue Dream, 500mg, 30%, Pineapple Express, 500mg, 30%, White Fire OG, 500mg, 30%, OG Kush, 500mg, 30%, Super Lemon Haze, 500mg, 30%, Durban Sour, 500mg, 30%, Strawnana, 500mg, 30%, White Widow, 500mg, 65%, Blue Cheddar, 500mg, 65%, Orange Cookies, 500mg, 65%, Green Cush, 500mg, 65%, Grand Daddy Purple, 500mg, 65%, Blue Dream, 500mg, 65%, Pineapple Express, 500mg, 65%, White Fire OG, 500mg, 65%, OG Kush, 500mg, 65%, Super Lemon Haze, 500mg, 65%, Durban Sour, 500mg, 65%, Strawnana, 500mg, 65%, White Widow, 500mg, 81%, Blue Cheddar, 500mg, 81%, Orange Cookies, 500mg, 81%, Green Cush, 500mg, 81%, Grand Daddy Purple, 500mg, 81%, Blue Dream, 500mg, 81%, Pineapple Express, 500mg, 81%, White Fire OG, 500mg, 81%, OG Kush, 500mg, 81%, Super Lemon Haze, 500mg, 81%, Durban Sour, 500mg, 81%, Strawnana, 500mg, 81%, White Widow


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