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Egyptian Rubber Grommets


Rubber Grommets are the key to any high quality smoking experience, as they primarily hold the Hookah together as a whole. Rubber Grommets should be replaced frequently if you are an avid Hookah smoker.

  • Egyptian Rubber Hose Grommets connect the Hookah Hose to the Shaft
  • Egyptian Rubber Bowl Grommets connect the Bowl to the Shaft
  • Egyptian Rubber Vase Grommets connect the Shaft to the Vase

Rubber Stoppers are used primarily on Multiple Hose Hookahs when the Hookah is not being operated at full capacity. Rubber Hose Stoppers allow for a Hookah to be converted when not all Hose outlets are being used. These stoppers provide an air tight smoking experience for your Hookah.


Rubber Stopper, Bowl Grommet, Hose Grommet, Vase Grommet Large, Vase Grommet Medium, Vase Grommet Small


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