Dabout Silicone Dab Kit


The Dab Out Silicone Dab Kit consists of a 5.4″ silicone storage case with on-board concentrate storage and includes a White Rhino glass dab straw and dabber tool. The on-board storage has three divided sections for multiple concentrates. Users heat the straw tip and dab directly from the case. Perfect for on the go use. Since the case is made with heat resistant silicone the straw can be put away while its still hot.

Color options limited, please let us know in the notes your top 2 preferred color options. If not filled out we will send what is available. Glow in the dark, black/gray swirl, blue/purple swirl, Rastafarian swirl, blue/white swirl, red/white swirl, or black/green/yellow swirl.

For adult use only 18+

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