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Bong Bowl Glass Tips - Replacement Parts

It’s always handy to have some glass replacement parts laying around. You can use them as spare parts when you’re in need of a new bowl. Nothings more annoying when you break your Glass Bong Bowl and don’t have any spares. Glass Bong Bowls come in different shapes, sizes and prices ranges.

Replacement parts come in various sizes, the most common size is 14mm or 19mm.



14mm reclaim pokemon, 14mm Female Thermal Banger, 14mm Female Honeycomb Banger, 14F to 18F Dropdown, Kromedome 14M Bubble Bang Set, 14mm Ash Cathcher, 14mm Clear Male Bowl, 14mm Clear Female Bowl, 14mm Female Banger, 14mm Male Banger, 14mm Male Bowl, 14mm Nail, Kromedome 14M Thermal Bang, Kromedome 14M White Bang, 18F to 18F Dropdown, 18M to 18F Dropdown, 18M to 4 Glass Tips, 19mm Clear Female Bowl, 19mm Clear Male Bowl, 19mm 4'' Downstem, 19mm Female Banger, 19mm Male Banger, 19mm Nail, White Rhino Downstems


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