BDH Red Horn Sulawesi


A true standout in kratom, the Red Horn Sulawesi variety is stronger and longer-lasting than other kratom varieties. Since it is more potent, 1g is recommended for the reported effects.

The BDH Red Horn kratom is a fantastic variety from the Sulawesi region and can be used to ease many ailments. This type has been known to help its users ease chronic pain, relax muscles, and even help with sleep. It is also popular as a lifting stimulant and mood enhancer.

Red Horn Sulawesi comes in 1 oz, 2 oz, and 4 oz pellets or capsules.


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1oz, Powder, 1oz, Capsules, 2oz, Powder, 2oz, Capsules, 4oz, Powder, 4oz, Capsules


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