BDH Green Malay


Green Malay kratom by BDH is a highly potent and energizing form of kratom. It is longer lasting than other types and has a higher amount of alkaloids. Commonly used as a pain suppressant, green Malay kratom is perfect for chronic pain. People also report enhanced brain performance due to the natural ingredients. 

Green Malay kratom is also a perfect energy booster and immune system supplement, enhancing physical performance as well.

Available in capsule or powder form, you can mix it in with a tea or another of your favorite hot beverages. Capsules make consuming kratom easy on the go. Make sure to take in a lower dose if you are beginning and increase dosage as you need over time. 

BDH Green Malay Kratom is sold in 1 oz, 2oz, and 4 oz powder and capsules. 


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1oz, Powder, 1oz, Capsules, 2oz, Powder, 2oz, Capsules, 4oz, Powder, 4oz, Capsules


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