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Al-Fakher Premium Shisha

The Al Fakher Premium brand is among the most popular hookah tobacco in the world. This line offers you classic flavors such as Apple, Berry, Cola, Grape, Kiwi, Plum, and more, as well as more eclectic flavors like Blueberry with Mint, Energy Drink, and Orange with Cream. All Premium flavors have the Al Fakher mark of quality you can count on to give you a delicious hookah experience every time. Available in both 50g and 250g sizes, Al Fakher comes in the ideal amounts for you to have intimate hookah sessions with a friend or even full-blown hookah parties.



WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Must be at least 21 years of age to purchase.


Banana, 50g, Blueberry, 50g, Blueberry, 250g, Blueberry Mint, 50g, Blueberry Mint, 250g, Cherry Mint, 50g, Cherry Mint, 250g, Chocolate Mint, 50g, Citrus Mint, 50g, Citrus Mint, 250g, Coconut, 50g, Grape Mint, 50g, Grape Mint, 250g, Grapefruit Mint, 50g, Grapefruit Mint, 250g, Guava, 50g, Guava, 250g, Gum Mint, 250g, Kiwi, 50g, Kiwi, 250g, Lemon Mint, 50g, Lemon Mint, 250g, Mango, 50g, Melon, 50g, Mint, 50g, Mint, 250g, Mint Cream, 50g, Mint Cream, 250g, Orange Cream, 50g, Orange Cream, 250g, Orange Mint, 50g, Orange Mint, 250g, Peach, 50g, Peach, 250g, Pineapple, 50g, Plum, 50g, Plum Mint, 50g, Strawberry, 50g, Strawberry Cream, 50g, Two Apples, 50g, Two Apples, 250g, Two Apples Mint, 50g, Two Apples Mint, 250g, Vanilla, 50g, Watermelon, 50g, Watermelon, 250g, Watermelon Mint, 50g, Watermelon Mint, 250g


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